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Emigrants from Aero - details of their ancestry !

On these pages Genealogy Aero brings data about some of the emigrants that left Aero. Over the years I have had many requests for information about emigrants families, but so far, only a small part is presented here. This web-site also features a list of the more than 1000 emigrants from Aero that I have found so far. If you know of a person who is not on the list, please send me a mail. Perhaps I have family information on this person, which I will gladly share with you. Part of the information in the attached documents are the work of other genealogist, in whom I have great confidence. However, if you should find an incorrect date, of which I am sure there are some, it may be my typing mistake or a genuine error. Please inform me of any such error. Should you have data about the life of an immigrant in his or her new country, which you would like to share with others, please send me a file and I may add the data on this page or to my archives.

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