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Aero, 250 years












The idéa with this web-site is to convey information about families from Aero as well as introduce you to the local history of the island. Perhaps one of your ancestors came from the island, and you want to know more about how your ancestor lived and why he or she left the island. Perhaps I have data of your ancestor in my files or you may just wish to share information about your family from Aero with others.

Old map of Aeroskobing church and surrounding bulildings:

Many young men and women left the island. Check out Emigrants for a list of people that emigrated abroad. The list is probably the most detailed list available of people that left Aero, but it is not complete. Should your relative not be listed, please contact me.

There are many places where you may find information about your ancestors on the internet. You should, however, be careful of the information that you find. In one parish there could easily be several person with the same name, born in the same year. Therefore, if you do not have the exact birthday of your ancestor, knowledge of the local conditions are a must.

In my files I have information about families from all parts of the island. Do not hesitate to contact me, you may be the long lost relative I have been waiting to hear from.