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My family:

I do not intend to bring my family book on these pages, as that would take up too much space, especially since it keeps growing. You will however, be able to find some details from my family book, under "Families of Ærø" and "Stories".

My interest in genealogy started in 1983 when my grandfather Jens Chr. Jensen left me several boxes of books and papers about families from Aero, including material on my own family.

My family have lived in all parts of Aero including the small village of Voderup where I was born, and where branches of the family have lived since 1767, when the Dukes Estate "Wuderup" was sold in small parcels. For 3 generations members of the family emigrated, mainly to USA but also to New Zealand.

Names found in my family:

Actonia (Achthan), Albertsen, Andersen, Andresen, Bahnsen, Birkholm, Bondesen, Brandt, Callsen, Christensen, Clausen, Danielsen, Ditlevsen, Dominicus, Eriksen, Ernst, Foul, Griebel, Griff, Hansen, Hümkens, Jensen, Jespersen, Johansen, Josephsen, Jørgensen, Larsen (Lauritsen), Kegnæs, Kelde (Kielde), Kock, Knudsen, Kullerup, Madsen, Mogensen, Møller, Mølmark, Nagel, Nissen, Pedersen, Pilegaard, Rasmussen, Schröder, Stage, Strandesen, Sørensen, Thomsen, Weber, and many others.

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